IWWA - Donations 

IWWA is a Non for Profit Organisation that runs programs and services which cater for approximately 150 women and 300 children each week. 
Some of our projects include Sponsor A Teacher, Ramadan Bag and Qurbaan. IWWA offers many free classes such as Qur'aan and Islamic Studies, which are taught in 4 different languages. Classes are held during the week and weekend at the IWWA Centre.
If you would like to make a Donation to support the running costs of the IWWA Centre or contribute to one of our projects, please make a bank transfer. Following are our bank account details. 

Project: Please specify which project you would like your donation to benefit
  1. Sponsor A Teacher
  2. Ramadan's Bag
  3. Qurbaan
  4. General expenses
  • Account Name: 
    • Islamic Women’s Welfare Association
  • BSB: 
    • 062 191
  • Account no: 
    • 1027 2994
  • Reference: 
    • For membership transfer, please use the word membership and your name in the reference, i.e. Membership YOUR NAME
    • For donation transfer, please use the word donation and the project name in the reference, i.e. Donation YOUR NAME 
Please, note that we have received a Fatwa from Scholars in Saudi Arabia and Egypt that since we are a Da'wah Non for Profit Organization, we can accept Zakat Maal.  
Jazakum Allahu Khayran for your generosity in supporting IWWA.